Strategic Priorities: ‘The Caring Agenda’

Caring has always been at the core of the mission and vision of the Office Depot Foundation.  Our mission is Listen Learn Care.  Two of our signature initiatives are the Caring Connection and the Caring is Sharing Product Donation Program.  Through the years, we have characterized our purpose as “Taking Care of Kids” and “Caring and Making a Difference.”  Clearly, the Office Depot Foundation cares.

So it is fitting that the Office Depot Foundation’s strategic priorities for 2013-2018 are known collectively as The Caring Agenda.  This description captures the essence of what the Foundation is all about – caring.  These priorities are:

1. Giving children tools to succeed in school … and in life.

This strategic priority encompasses our programs and initiatives that seek to make a difference to children, their families, teachers, schools and the larger education community.  It includes:

  • Office Depot Foundation National Backpack Program
  • Dream UP Career Exploration Program
  • A Day Made Better Program

Together, these programs provide tangible tools for success to children in kindergarten through fifth grade along with less tangible, but no less vital, resources and inspiration that enable middle school students to chart a successful course for their future and acknowledge teachers for being difference makers in educating and inspiring our children.

2. Building the capacity of nonprofit organizations through collaboration and innovation.

This strategic priority represents the umbrella that covers our extensive portfolio of capacity-building initiatives.  These include:

  • Weekend in Boca Civil Society Leadership Symposium
  • Office Depot Foundation Women’s Symposium
  • Targeted monetary grants to qualifying nonprofit organizations
  • Resources to encourage volunteerism, including the Caring Connection
  • In-kind donations of Office Depot products through the Caring is Sharing Program
  • Resources to promote nonprofit capacity building, innovation and collaboration

3. Helping communities prepare for disasters, as well as recovering and rebuilding afterwards.

Since 1994, when the Office Depot Disaster Relief Foundation was established, we have clearly understood the impact that disasters can have on individuals, nonprofits, small businesses, communities and even entire nations.  Through the years, our philosophy has evolved from one that viewed disasters as isolated events to one that acknowledges the full spectrum of a disaster’s life cycle – from preparedness, to immediate relief when a disaster strikes, to short-term recovery and long-term rebuilding.

This strategic priority encompasses:

  • National Disaster Help Desk for Business (1-888-MY-BIZ-HELP)
  • Leadership of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center’s Disaster Assistance and Recovery Program
  • Resources for disaster preparedness, recovery and rebuilding through the Office Depot Foundation website
  • Disaster-specific relief, recovery and rebuilding efforts
  • Disaster assistance grants for Office Depot associates

With The Caring Agenda as a roadmap, we are confident in our ability to make a profound difference to children, families and communities while serving as the philanthropic face of Office Depot, Inc.