Funding Priorities

The Office Depot Foundation’s funding focus aligns with its Strategic Priorities. The Foundation prefers to fund projects and programs in the following areas:

  • Giving Children Tools for Success – Supporting activities that give young people tools to succeed in the school and in life through education and inspiration.
  • Building Capacity to Serve Communities – Supporting programs that help non-profit organizations to serve the needs of their communities efficiently and effectively.
  • Disaster Preparedness, Relief, Recovery and Rebuilding – Supporting efforts that help people and communities prepare for disasters and then rebuild and recover when disasters occur.

An online eligibility survey and link to the grant application can be found on the How to Apply page. Applications are retrieved on a monthly basis during each grant cycle and are reviewed by a committee. Please allow at least 12 weeks after you submit your completed application before you receive a response. Grant amounts will be a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $3,000 (very limited). The majority of grants issued are in the vicinity of $1,000 and are supported by in-kind donations when inventory allows.

The Office Depot Foundation will consider proposals from organizations related to disaster relief and recovery throughout the year. Please visit our Apply for a Grant page for more information.

The Office Depot Foundation grant cycle is now closed. 

The Office Depot Foundation has been reviewing its grant making policies and procedures in a continued effort to best fulfill the Foundation’s mission. As a result, the Foundation is temporarily suspending its grant making process until further notice.

Who’s Eligible?