Capacity Building

Strengthening the Safety Net

Nonprofit organizations provide the safety net that prevents the most fragile elements of our society from falling into the abyss.  Nonprofits today are facing more financial challenges and tougher competition for resources than at any point in their existence.  At the same time, the need for the services these organizations offer has never been greater.  In this environment, collaboration is acknowledged as an important key to success, while innovation is an absolute requirement for long-term survival.

One of the Office Depot Foundation’s key strategic priorities is “Building the capacity of nonprofit organizations through collaboration and innovation.”  The Foundation’s extensive portfolio of capacity-building initiatives includes:

  • Weekend in Boca Civil Society Leadership Symposium
  • Regional Conversation on Community Renewal events
  • Targeted monetary grants to qualifying nonprofit organizations
  • Resources to encourage volunteerism, including the Caring Connection
  • In-kind donations of Office Depot products through the Caring is Sharing Program
  • Resources to promote nonprofit capacity building, innovation and collaboration

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