Caring is Sharing

Product Donations from the Office Depot Foundation 

One of the key ways in which the Office Depot Foundation makes a difference in the communities it serves is through in-kind donations of office products, school supplies and other items. During the past decade, the Foundation has donated millions of dollars’ worth of new products to charities across the United States and beyond.
Through our Caring is Sharing Product Donation Program, we partner with the international relief organization Feed the Children to ensure that products Office Depot no longer can use are donated to charities that serve children in need.

The Caring is Sharing Program enables the nonprofit recipients of our product donations to stretch their budgets, thus allowing them to focus on their core programs. These donations also benefit communities by conserving resources and keeping items out of landfills that might have been thrown away in the past.

The Caring is Sharing Product Donation Program is a win-win situation for everyone involved. We are proud to sponsor this important initiative and grateful to Feed the Children for its partnership.

How to Participate

The Office Depot Foundation and Office Depot stores do not accept requests for product donations.

If you are interested in receiving donations of Office Depot products, you might be able to do so through Feed the Children.

For information about Feed the Children’s product donation program, please click here. Note: Organizations must meet certain eligibility criteria and complete an application in order to participate.

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