Community Conversations

Office Depot Foundation on the Road

As proud as we are of our annual Weekend in Boca Civil Society Leadership Symposium, we acknowledge that some nonprofit organizations are not in a position to travel to conferences – even if the meeting is free.  On the premise that one shouldn’t have to be in Boca to have a Weekend in Boca experience, the Foundation presents a series of regional “Conversation on Community Renewal” events to connect with additional participants outside South Florida.

In the past several years, Community Conversations have been offered in Atlanta, Charlotte, Detroit, Indianapolis, Elkhart, Ind., Springfield, Mass., and Washington, D.C.  Most recently, Conversations took place in Columbus, Ga., and Oklahoma City.

The Columbus Conversation focused on the findings of a recent Community Assessment conducted by Enrichment Program Services Inc., the local community action agency, which revealed a number of alarming statistics about poverty, health, education and economic opportunity for residents of the region.  View photos…

In Oklahoma City, community leaders came together to discuss innovative and collaborative approaches to storm recovery and rebuilding in the wake of the devastating tornadoes that struck Moore, Okla., and the surrounding area in the spring of 2013.  View photos…