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Speak Up Against Bullying

The Office Depot Foundation is exceptionally proud to announce an exciting expansion of our educational program to help create safe, bully-free schools across the nation by empowering students to speak up against bullying.

The “Be The Difference. Speak Up Against Bullying!” Program features nationally known speakers who conduct engaging and compelling school assemblies for students.

Since the beginning of the school year, Brooks Gibbs one of the nation’s leading youth crisis counselors and bullying experts – has presented more than 150 assemblies at middle schools in 15 states.

Now, Travis Brown (Mr. Mojo) – who is recognized as America’s Anti-Bullying coach – has joined the program to present assemblies for elementary school and high school students.

Support for this innovative educational program comes from Office Depot and One Direction through the multifaceted 1D + OD Together Against Bullying campaign, which included an exclusive, limited-edition back-to-school collection available in Office Depot retail stores nationwide prior to the start of the 2013-2014 school year.

The program aims to give students the confidence and courage to be resilient and use the Golden Rule as strategies for reducing bullying. These themes enhance One Direction’s message of “Live Nice.”

Bring Brooks Gibbs to your middle school...

Click here to learn how your school can apply to participate in the Office Depot Foundation’s “Be The Difference. Speak Up Against Bullying!” Program.

Be The Difference with Brooks Gibbs
Be The Difference Assembly Schedule – Brooks Gibbs
  • Be The Difference Assembly Schedule – Brooks

  • Date Assemblies School City State Number of
    9/04/2013 4 Kilgore ISD Kilgore TX 1455
    9/04/2013 1 Carthage ISD Carthage TX 421
    9/05/2013 3 Fruitvale ISD, Edgewood ISD,
    Grand Saline ISD
    Grand Saline
    TX 582
    9/05/2013 1 Van ISD Van TX 538
    4 Beeville ISD Beeville TX 1300
    9/10/2013 2 Mathis ISD Mathis TX 382
    9/11/2013 3 Zachary Middle School San Antonio TX 1000
    9/11/2013 2 Rawlison Middle School San Antonio TX 763
    9/13/2013 3 Smart Middle School Walled Lake MI 1020
    9/13/2013 2 Millenium Middle School South Lyon MI 850
    9/17/2013 3 North Andover Middle School North Andover MA 1088
    9/17/2013 1 Wood Hill Middle School Andover MA 400
    9/18/2013 3 Dedham Middle School Dedham MA 700
    9/20/2013 1 Greenfield Middle School Greenfield MA 500
    9/24/2013 2 Hauppauge Middle School Hauppauge NY 640
    9/24/2013 1 North Shore Hebrew Academy Great Neck NY 180
    9/25/2013 3 Garfield Middle School Garfield NY 951
    9/25/2013 1 Our Lady Queen of Peace Staten Island NY 330
    9/25/2013 1 St. Claires School Staten Island NY
    9/26/2013 4 Crossroads Middle School North
    South Brunswick NJ 2200
    9/27/2013 3 Conewagon Valley School District New Oxford PA 1300
    10/1/2013 1 Raymond Middle School Raymond NE 185
    10/1/2013 1 Seward Middle School Seward NE 403
    10/1/2013 1 Crete Middle School Crete NE 501
    10/1/2013 1 Norris Middle School Norris NE 497
    10/2/2013 1 Scott Middle School Lincoln NE 200
    10/2/2013 1 Goodrich Middle School Lincoln NE 250
    10/2/2013 1 Lux Middle School Lincoln NE 1000
    10/2/2013 1 Lefler Middle School Lincoln NE 500
    10/2/2013 1 Culler Middle School Lincoln NE 670
    10/3/2013 1 Milford High School Milford MI 359
    10/8/2013 3 Omni Middle School Boca Raton FL 1500
    10/9/2013 3 Estridge Middle School Boca Raton FL 1500
    10/17/2013 2 Timber Ridge Middle School Plainfield IL
    10/18/2013 2 Channahon School District Channahon IL 500
    10/18/2013 1 St. Phillip the Apostle Catholic School Addison IL 150
    10/21/2013 5 Racine ISD Racine WI 2600
    10/22/2013 2 Pilgrim Park Middle School Elm Grove WI 800
    10/25/2013 2 Highlander Middle School Howell MI 900
    10/25/2013 2 Parker Middle School Howell MI 850
    10/28/2013 1 Walled Lake West High School Walled Lake MI
    10/29/2013 2 Geisler Middle School Walled Lake MI 850
    11/4/2013 3 Carmel Valley MS San Diego CA
    11/5/2013 2 Hillsdale MS El Cajon CA
    11/6/2013 3 Woodland Park MS Escondido CA
    11/7/2013 3 Meadowbrook MS Poway CA
    11/12/2013 1 Kennedy MS Stockton CA
    11/12/2013 1 Hong Kingston MS Stockton CA
    11/12/2013 1 Bush MS Stockton CA
    11/12/2013 1 Rio MS Stockton CA
    11/13/2013 1 Washtington MS Stockton CA
    11/13/2013 1 McKinley MS Stockton CA
    11/13/2013 1 Stockton Skills MS Stockton CA
    11/13/2013 1 Hoover MS Stockton CA
    11/14/2013 1 King MS Stockton CA
    11/14/2013 1 Marshall/Taylor MS Stockton CA
    11/14/2013 1 El Dorado/PYA Stockton CA
    11/14/2013 1 El Dorado MS Stockton CA
    11/15/2013 1 Van Buren Stockton CA
    11/15/2013 1 Hamilton/Monroe Stockton CA
    11/15/2013 1 Madison MS Stockton CA
    11/15/2013 1 Pittman MS Stockton CA
    11/20/2013 2 Linden Middle School Linden MI
    11/21/2013 2 Mt. Morris Junior High School Mt. Morris MI
    11/22/2013 2 Sarah Banks Middle School Wixom MI 850
    11/22/2013 2 East Middle School Farmington Hills MI 950
  • Schedule Subject to change.
Be The Difference Assembly Schedule – Mr. Mojo
  • Be The Difference Assembly Schedule – Mr. Mojo

  • Schedule To Be Announced. Please check back soon.
FAQs – Middle School Assembly Program
  • What schools are eligible to participate in the program?
  • All public and private middle schools in the United States are eligible to participate.
  • My school is not a Title I school. Is it still eligible to apply?
  • Yes. The Office Depot Foundation is making a special effort to assist Title I middle schools but all middle schools are eligible.
  • What does our school need to do to apply?
  • Simply go to and fill out an online application. If your school is selected, you will be required to make a $500 refundable deposit per school and guarantee that the students and adults who attend the presentations will fill out a short anonymous survey. This deposit will be refunded to your school once all student and adult surveys have been collected.
  • If my application is selected when will the presentation take place?
  • You will be emailed a date that Brooks will be in your area. If you choose to confirm this date, you will be emailed an agreement for the refundable deposit. Once the signed agreement and deposit are collected, then your event will be confirmed.
  • How long are Brooks’ presentations?
  • Brooks’ assemblies last approximately 50 minutes. He will need 10 minutes for setup and 10 minutes for tear down.
  • I have a large school and can't fit all my students into one presentation. Is there an opportunity to have more than one presentation?
  • Each presentation should have approximately 500 students. If your school has more than 500 students, we will split your school into two or more presentations so each presentation will have approximately 500 students.
  • What type of venue is required for Brooks to speak?
  • Brooks can present in an auditorium (preferred) or a gymnasium. If the venue is a gymnasium, the students can sit on the bleachers, chairs, or floor, but everyone should be facing the presentation space. Side seating is discouraged.
  • My school does not have audio or video capabilities. Do we need to rent equipment?
  • No. Brooks will come with his own audio/video setup that only requires two (2) separate 110 wall outlets to be connected.
  • How do we prepare our school for Brooks’ visit?
  • Once the event is confirmed, we will ship you a package from the Office Depot Foundation that will include giveaway items and pre- and post-event posters that you can post throughout your school. Many schools will work with their communications and/or public relations departments to reach out to local media, as well.
  • Is there an opportunity for parents, teachers and administrators to meet with Brooks Gibbs?
  • Yes. We are also scheduling a parent presentation for this event. Once the school assembly is confirmed, your booking representative will coordinate a parent presentation in your area.
  • Will One Direction be traveling with Brooks?
  • No. Brooks will be traveling by himself, but his presentation includes exclusive video featuring the members of the One Direction band explaining their experiences with bullying.
  • Since this program is sponsored by the Office Depot Foundation, will they be marketing and promoting products to the students?
  • No. This is opportunity is sponsored by the Office Depot Foundation as part of its initiative to address bullying in schools across the nation.
  • Will the event at our school be publicized to the media?
  • The "Be The Difference. Speak Up Against Bullying!" Program is being publicized to local, regional and national media. A booking representative will contact you to determine if your school is interested in inviting media to your event.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If the media is interested in covering an event at your school, some presentations may be filmed or photographed. If your school has policies regarding filming and/or photographing students, please let the booking representative know so that all necessary permissions can be secured.
  • If you have additional questions regarding the application process and/or event scheduling, please contact:

Introducing BROOKS GIBBS

Brooks Gibbs is a youth crisis counselor and bullying expert. He has been called upon as advisor to several school tragedies and has served as content producer for several television projects, including Teen Trouble on LIFETIME and Bully Diaries on Comcast On-Demand.

Gibbs is young, dynamic and hugely popular as a speaker in school districts across the nation. He consistently receives the highest speaker ratings at teacher conferences, mental health training events and student gatherings. He began writing and speaking on the subject of bullying in the aftermath of the Columbine shooting that took place in his hometown of Littleton, Colorado.

In the decade since America’s most notorious school tragedy, Brooks has spoken to over 1 million students, hosted national radio and television shows, been featured in publications like The Washington Post and The Huffington Post and has been interviewed on CBS.


Travis Brown, who is recognized as America’s Anti-Bullying coach, is on a mission to educate and advocate for today’s youth as they face the social epidemic of bullying. Travis also serves as a consultant and trainer for school districts, where he brings his powerful Mojo Up anti-bullying program to life. Travis has delivered more than 1,600 hours of powerful anti-bullying presentations to more than 700,000 students in the U.S. and abroad. Nicknamed “Mr. Mojo” for his contagious energy and captivating speaking style, professional athletes and sports teams also rely on Travis' motivational coaching expertise.

Travis is the author of Teen Leaders are Mojo Makers and Mojo Up & Stop Bullying. He has been seen on CNN, HLN, FOX, NBC and CBS and was an inspiring coach on MTV’s hit show, MADE!

students skip school
every day to avoid
being bullied.

An increasing number
of fourth through eighth
graders report being
victims of bullying.

of middle schoolers feel
that violence is increasing
− and they don't feel safe.